Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What Not to Wear – Winter Edition

Life with David is a constant negotiation—a delicate balance of coercion and compromise, leaning heavily toward compromise. 

We had our first significant snowfall on Saturday, and I guess I got greedy. I saw an opportunity and I wanted to seize it.  I had set out the snow gear—boots, jeans, a sweatshirt (red, but never before worn), coat, hat and gloves.

The coat would be no problem. David has been wearing it every day, but it quickly became apparent that five other objects of irritation might be a few too many.

So, David swapped the snow boots for his dinosaur rain galoshes. They happen to be two sizes too small, but are familiar to him and therefore more comfortable. He also requested sweat pants rather than jeans.

I won the battle of the sweatshirt, plus he wore the hat and gloves, which is great progress for David. The score was three to two, but who's counting?

I must admit that it was not exactly David's best look, especially from this angle, but it was a beautiful day to play in the snow.

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