Friday, February 24, 2012

The Friday Favorites

My Mom gave me a Hallmark "Blooming Expressions" flower for Valentine's Day, which slowly opens from a bud to a full bloom when you press the button, revealing the message inside. David likes to watch it bloom, but much prefers to put the bottom of the pot up to his ear to listen to the gears turn, somewhat reminiscent of a Dr. Seuss character, who has sprouted a whole flower complete with pot out of his ear. To David, it is a perfectly logical to want to listen to the sound of the flower blooming and the sight of it makes me laugh every single time.

We were riding in the car, when I overhead Andrew tell David that he loved him. David replied with three simple sentences that brought tears to Andrew's eyes. "I love you too, An-ROO. Thank you. That makes me SO happy." 

I love that David sometimes like to use my nephew as a human jungle gym. I also love that Thomas tolerates it.

This post is the 173rd that I have written and today marks the two year anniversary of my first post. When I wrote that very first password protected post, I never would have guess that two years later I would still be writing of heartache and happiness, worry and wonder.

Speaking of wonder, tonight David pulled a chair in front of the door so that he could just sit and watch the snow fall.

When David did not want Andrew to leave for basketball practice on Tuesday, he hid Andrew's size 9 Nike high-top tennis shoe in my oven. Fortunately, Michael discovered it before we turned the oven on.

David has made so much progress over the last year and, as I mentioned yesterday, some of it has to do with church—one of the many instances with David where sometimes I need to slow down, stop leading and simply allow myself to be led, stop talking and just listen.



  1. Sweet favorites, Kathy, and that gentle reminder that yes - you do have a lot for which to be thankful. I teared up with Andrew. I so love the connection between your boys! Andrew is growing into another gentle giant.

  2. Happy Anniversary! And thank you for sharing so much with all of us your followers. We are so grateful <3