Monday, February 13, 2012

Be My Valentine

David has been tossing around new expressions pretty liberally lately.  What the heck is a new one that we heard for the first time over the weekend.

I love that David’s language is getting more expressive, but it does surprise me when I hear something new—especially an expression that I usually do not say, like what the heck.  I think we may have Andrew to thank for that one.

All weekend, I tried to get David to sign his valentine cards for his classmates.  He did such a sloppy job on the first one, I put them away.   I asked David (actually, I probably begged David) to sign them tonight and he responded, “Ummmmmm, no way!”  I will give you one guess who signed all of David’s valentines.

After his bath, I kissed him on the top of the head and asked if he would be my Valentine.  He replied without hesitation—there were no ifs, ands or ummms about it, “Yes way!”

Sorry, Michael, but I do believe this Valentine's Day, I am taken.


  1. I want him to be my Valentine.....he is so sweet.

  2. I so totally "heart" this! He is a sweet young man. You made a good choice - sorry, Michael!