Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Presidents' Day Progress

David and Andrew did not have school yesterday.  There was a time when that simple statement would have made me shudder.

Other Moms talk about spending a vacation day at the park or at the zoo, baking cookies or making homemade play-doh.  I must admit that I was always envious of those other Moms.

For David, a day off of school has always revolved around trying to make him comfortable out of his routine.  I know I have written about some of these days, trying to put a bright spin on what was probably a very difficult day for both of us.

Michael has been working at a new job in a brand new “green” building, so yesterday we piled in the car to make the 30 minute drive to go see it. This time, I did not have to prepare David hours or even days in advance for the visit.  We simply told him that we were going to Dad’s office.  Surprisingly, he rejected both the portable DVD player and his iPad, normal comforts for him when visiting someplace new.

As we pulled out of the driveway, Michael became worried when David started repeating the words water, bridge, trees and train tracks over and over again and we realized that he remembered a single visit to a previous office over a year and a half ago.  And what made that office so special?  An e-l-e-v-a-t-o-r, but shhhhh—don’t remind David.

It was obvious during our visit that David was somewhat uncomfortable, but it was bearable for him and, in turn, the rest of us.  It was also apparent that, in David’s opinion, a green roof and rain garden, recycled carpet and cabinets or even polished concrete floors cannot compete with an elevator.

That is, until David discovered a bag of Fritos in the snack box.  And all of the sudden the new office didn’t look so bad.

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  1. Fritos! My kind of guy! Did you have dark chocolate to dip them in?? Kathy, great post and so encouraging. What amazing progress David has made! I am thrilled for all of you!