Saturday, February 11, 2012

D Week

It was D week in David’s Kindergarten class this week, so I wasn’t surprised when this paper came home in David’s backpack on Tuesday.

D is for dog.  It makes sense, although did I mention that David doesn’t really like dogs?  We do not have a dog and the only dog that David sees on a regular basis is my sister’s dog, Winston.

David and Winston have a mutual agreement to ignore each other, which seems to work for them.  But, Winston is most probably a lab, husky mix and looks nothing like the dog in David's picture.

I didn’t really give David’s drawing much thought, until I was sorting through the papers in his backpack on Wednesday and I saw this picture.

David drew the same dog, two days in a row.  It has the same curly brown and black hair, the same orange tongue, the same green collar.  The only substantive difference is that the removable tale, originally held on with a brass brad, seems to have been removed.

Where did David get the idea of this particular dog that really most closely resembles a Portuguese Water Dog?  I think he had his weeks confused.  “D” week was last week.  Presidents’ Day is next week.  David simply drew the President’s dog.

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