Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lifestyle Changes

I am currently sporting a fancy new pedometer. I recently had my annual physical and, not surprisingly, the "just ignore it" approach does not seem to have done much to lower my cholesterol and/or blood pressure.  I have been given three months to continue with “lifestyle changes” before I have to talk with the doctor about cholesterol medication, which I have been trying to avoid.

So, I am wearing a pedometer every day, which does help me keep my activity level up.  I have even purchased new running shoes and dusted the treadmill.  Hey, it’s a start.  Right?

David came home from school yesterday and was enjoying his afternoon snack while watching an episode of SpongeBob.  I had ten minutes before we had to leave to pick up Andrew and I had a choice.  I could either A) fold a load of laundry or B) get ten minutes of exercise.

Impulsively, I started jumping on David’s trampoline.  It was actually bordering on fun—not exactly fun, but in the same neighborhood, and for a moment I was transported back to my seven year old self, summers spent outside, climbing trees, building forts with my neighborhood best friend, Johnnie.

But then, I saw the look of panic on David’s face.  He was scared and I am still trying to determine if he was scared for his Mom-mom or for the trampoline, but if I had to guess I would choose the trampoline.

David paused the episode of SpongeBob so that I could more easily hear his pleading.  “Mom-mom, NO.  Get off!  Come HERE.  STOP!”  He was even signing the word “stop” for added emphasis.

And when pure pleading did not work, he pulled out all the stops--called in the big guns, the piece de resistance.

Because, you see, my super smart boy has read all the research, which confirmed what he had long suspected that each additional word that he can string together to form a complete sentence exponentially increases his likelihood of getting what he is requesting.

His speech came haltingly, at first:



a cuddle with Mom-mom

on the sofa!  PLEASE?

Ten words lined up all in a row, plus he threw in the cuddle card.  I told you he is a smart boy.


  1. Congratulations, you've found a way to kill two birds: more conversation and more exercise.

  2. could be my favorite story ever! how very clever of David! :)