Friday, February 24, 2012

The Snow Burst

As I was pulling out of the driveway, I noticed an errant snowflake.  It wasn’t supposed to snow today, but by the time I got to the grocery store it was snowing so hard that I could barely see two car lengths ahead of me.

The flakes were big and heavy and it didn’t take long until the grass was covered in a fresh blanket of snow.

I was doing the mental calculations as I raced through the grocery store.  Have I left enough time to get the 11 items on my list and get back home to pack David’s snack before his bus arrives?  If David’s bus is too late, we will never make it to speech therapy.  Should I just go ahead and cancel David’s appointment?

When I arrived back home, I stopped the car on the driveway as I waited for the garage door to open.  I had already turned off my windshield wipers and the snow was collecting on my window.  I turned off the ignition and sat for a moment.

I wanted the snow to cover my windows.  I wanted to feel like I was in a warm cocoon.  I am not sure how long I sat there in the car before I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket.

It was like I had been underwater, holding my breath and all of the sudden I needed to come up to the surface to get air.   Suddenly, my mind was racing.

I have frozen food in my sack that I need to take downstairs to the freezer.

David’s bus will be here soon.

I need to call Michael back.

The phone is ringing.

I forgot to take Andrew’s popcorn out of the microwave before I left.

I have been playing with an iPhone photo sharing app and recently took this picture, which incidentally is the picture that appeared on my phone as it rang.

One of the features of the app allows you to focus on one object in the photo and blur everything around it.  I wish that I had an app that would allow me to do that for my life.

I have recently been somewhat consumed by thoughts of financial difficulties, job stresses, David issues.  I have a job.  Any financial issues that we may face pale in comparison to some, so I feel guilty with these worries.

Why can’t I just focus on what is important and blur everything else around the edges?

Why can’t I eliminate all the noise?

Please ignore any reference that the candle picture may have to light/coming out of the darkness.  It is Friday night and, as always this time of week, I am tired.  Rest assured that any metaphorical meanings or proximity to profundity are not expressly intended and are purely accidental.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

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  1. MAYBEEEEEE this was a learning lesson to help you understand David's mind? Just a thought......