Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fact or Fib?

It is a common misconception that kids on the spectrum cannot tell a lie. While I am sure that is true of some kids, David seems to have mastered that skill. I don't mean to imply that he lies to me all the time because he doesn't. Sometimes he is teasing, so that doesn't really count. Or he is telling me something he thinks I want to hear like yeah sure, I ate that. And sometimes he is simply trying to get something that he wants.

So, today I introduce a new feature. You be the judge.

I wasn't really listening to the one-sided conversation, but David apparently wanted Andrew's help.

"An-ROO, come here!" David called down the stairs in his sing-song voice.


"An-ROO, come upstairs, PLEASE."

Still, no response from Andrew.

After a few more minutes and different variations on the same theme, I heard David call again.

"An-ROO, it's time for lunch time!"

So, you tell me. Fact? Or Fib?

Well, Andrew fell for it and came charging up the stairs, which is somewhat humorous because David isn't usually the preparer of food in our house. Actually, David isn't usually even the eater of food in our house.

The answer, of course, is fib.

But David got the help from Andrew that he needed. In many ways, David is just like any other seven year old boy and in this case, it probably shouldn't make me smile, but if I am telling the truth I have to admit that it does.

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