Friday, February 10, 2012

***Friday Favorites RETRACTION***

Earlier today, I posted a picture of a snowman, one of my favorite things from the past week.  I had made it with David during the snowstorm last Saturday.  Strike that.  I had made it while David contemplated whether or not he wanted to step into the snow, and then gave further consideration to whether or not he wanted to put his gloved hands into the snow, and then decided that snow dancing was fun. 

He really was not at all interested in helping.  His lone contribution to the snowman assembly was the perfect placement of the carrot nose.

Until yesterday, I mistook his lack of interest in the building process for an indifference to snowmen in general, but before David even stepped off the bus, he had noticed that the sunshine had melted the snow just enough for the head to slip off of the body. 

His insistence that the head be replaced that very instant could not be dissuaded by the fact that we were supposed to be at Andrew’s school in less than ten minutes to pick Andrew up from rehearsal.

My quick foray into the hallway coat closet in an unsuccessful search for a pair of gloves, allowed David a glimpse of the American flag, which reminded him of his former propensity for patriotism.

I cannot even take a guess what led David from bare handed snowman repair and flag hanging to insist that the whisk attachment needed to be in place on the stand mixer before we could leave the house.

We made it to Andrew’s school in time—barely.

Tonight, we had another quick turn-around.  On Fridays, the minute that David steps off the bus, we try to hustle him to the car to get to speech therapy a normal amount of late and not LATE late.  I was sitting in the office at the front of our house watching for the bus, when I saw a small red car stop in the street.  A kid got out of the car, ran up the lawn, jumped right on top of David’s snowman and bolted back to his car.

It sent me over the edge.  I ran out the front door, yelling for the kid to stop the car.  Not surprisingly, he didn’t.  I am not sure what my plan was if the kid had stopped; I didn’t think that far ahead.

I sheepishly collected the snowman pieces, losing my shoe in the process, and hobbled back into the house, snow-packed shoe in hand to try to collect myself before I went back out to greet David when the bus arrived.

I know that once you put something out there on the internet, there really is no way to permanently remove it.  So, the snowman picture will remain with the Friday Favorites, but consider this my retraction.  He turned out to be more trouble than he was worth.

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  1. I am struck with sadness for the fate of the snowman (which, by the way, I taught my kids in the 70's to call snowperson). I am especially struck because I know what that did to you and how you hard you must have tried to put it back together like one of the King's men and Humpty Dumpty. I so wish you could have caught that kid, taught him about life with challenges and enlisted his help. Just know that we share your pain.....and send you hugs.