Thursday, March 10, 2011

Self Expression

The first terms I learned in the evaluation process with David were receptive and expressive language. At the time that I learned these terms, I also learned how very far behind David was in both types of language. He was described as being years behind his peers and when your child is three years old, "years behind" means a significant delay.

David did not have school today, but had to ride with me as I drove Andrew's carpool. We then stopped for gas and were headed home when I decided to make a detour for a mocha at Starbucks. I needed to work from home while juggling David's needs, so I could rationalize that I needed the extra caffeine.

I was taking a sip of my coffee as I turned from the drive-through lane too abruptly. My back tire went up on the curb ever so slightly, causing David to announce, "That's too scary." I was sure that I must have misunderstood, but when I questioned him, he offered a confirmation. "Yetz. That's too scary. Slow down."

Driving critique—is there a scale that tells you when language has become too expressive?


  1. Yeah, that's way too expressive. I don't want my kid to talk THAT much.

  2. Ha ha yes, we all want our kids to talk, but sometimes silence is a good option!