Thursday, March 3, 2011

Confession Time

Heather over at The A-Word tagged me in a meme. I know it sounds painful, but having just googled the expression—again—I find that I am still not at all certain what it means. My Dad always used to tell me that it was great that my high school friends would ask me for help with their math homework because, he would say, your ability to explain something to someone else is a good test of whether or not you truly understand it yourself.

Consequently, CONFESSION NUMBER ONE—I do not understand what a meme is and am not going to try to explain it to you, but feel free to google it yourself and see if you can make sense of it. Here are the rules to this particular meme as Heather has outlined them.

1) Take a pic of the books you are reading currently and add them to your post. 2) Describe the books and if you are enjoying them. Why or why not? 3) For every book you are reading, you have to tag one person. 4) Leave that person a comment, letting them know you tagged them.

That leads me to CONFESSION NUMBER TWO, I am not reading anything at the moment. There, I said it. I was an English Literature major in college and I love to read, but sometimes I go through periods where I just don't seem to have the energy. My time for reading is after everyone else in the house is asleep and often I don't feel like opening a book at 10:37 p.m. Sometimes, it seems like too much effort to even pick out a book.

Now, Heather actually tagged me a few days ago and I briefly considered finding some books to put on my nightstand. But, that would mean that I might actually have to dust the nightstand first and then decide what to choose. There would have to be one classic, one bestselling but well written novel, and at least one book about autism—that would be well-rounded, wouldn't it? I even considered going to the local bookstore and just taking a picture of some books there, but that seemed ridiculous.

Marcelo In The Real WorldI actually attended my book club last Thursday and had to admit that, not only had I not finished the agreed-upon book, I had not started it because I did not at any time in the last month even have it in my possession. I could not even remember the title of the book, but here is what I did remember--the main character of the book was a kid with Asperger's Syndrome. I was not sure if I could stomach reading another book about autism. I made my sister read it first to see if it was "safe" for me. After I made my admission to the book club, it was in fact pronounced "safe" and so it will be the next book that I read.

You will note that I have chosen to link to this book on Amazon rather than photograph it on my nightstand. I wouldn't want to be forced to dust.


  1. whoa! Thanks for reminding me that I was tagged by Heather, too and that I need to respond already!

  2. Oh I caught you! ;) Thanks for playing along, even though you didn't know what a meme was.

    Thanks for sharing Marcelo and the Real World! I definitely want to add it to my reading list :)

  3. I don't know what a meme is and I haven't read a book in years. So, I think you did really well with this meme thingy. Maybe CVS has some sort of ointment you can use next time you get tagged with a meme?