Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Race to the Finish

David almost always has an item or items that capture his attention for several days. These objects usually accompany us on errands, rest on the bathroom counter while bathing, and join David in bed at night. Yes, he has slept with, to name just a few, a coffee filter basket, cowboy boots, all 25 felt ornaments from his favorite Christmas tree, a guitar and even a garden cart.

Please allow me to state that it was a clean garden cart, purchased at Target in the fleeting hope that I might have a garden cart to use while, you guessed it, gardening. David had commandeered the original cart to pull around the back yard and he would rarely allow me to sit on it, or to commit the even more atrocious sin of hauling something.

So last year I purchased a second cart, which pleased David because in his opinion God must have given him two hands so he could pull a garden cart with each one. After all, it is much more fun to watch two carts race down the hill and it didn't take David and Andrew very long to discover the thrill of riding the cart, resulting in a large bare spot in the grass.

Sometimes David can teach me a thing or two and I have come to appreciate how he can find such joy in everyday ordinary items. Sometimes his enthusiasm is contagious, which might explain how a family dinner party spilled out onto our deck with everyone enjoying a glass of wine and cheering from above as my nephew challenged my brother-in-law to the ultimate garden cart showdown.

I don't think I will purchase another cart this season, although it would certainly be interesting to see how David would put it to use--or which of our dinner guests might be coaxed into participating in cart races this season.  David is ready, whistle in hand.


  1. Unabridged dictionary. My son toted around around a 20 pound unabridged dictionary everywhere we went for about a year.

  2. wow, and I thought the teeney legos that seemed glued to Edward's fingers and end up clogging the tub drain were bad....I'd love to see b-i-l in the gardening cart.....

  3. Uncle Ken is game for a garden cart race next time we're in town! I'm volunteering him unknowingly of course!

  4. BB has to have playing cards with him at all times (to hold, not to play with). Compared to garden carts, dictionaries, even lego, it seems we got away very lightly.