Friday, August 6, 2010

Heart Wrenching

Yesterday was David's last day of therapy at the medical center. We made the decision to discontinue therapy, at least for the time being while David starts school full days in a little over a week. There were a combination of factors including the worry about the long days for David and the fact that this type of therapy is not covered by our insurance. I have been melancholy since we made the decision—although I may have been melancholy before we made the decision, who can really tell.

I had not said much about it to David, but I am sure he had heard us talking and equally sure they have probably made reference to it at therapy, so yesterday morning I just mentioned to him as we were getting ready that today was his last day of therapy. When we had said our goodbyes and were walking out to the car, I said, "That is the last time you are going to see Amber and Rashea for awhile." I was feeling pretty good about myself at the time because I had just placed David on the waiting list for next summer until David asked me, "Bad Boy?" He wanted to know if he was not coming back because he had been a bad boy.

Oh, David, if you only knew.

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