Thursday, August 12, 2010

Decorating Dilemma

We need to replace the carpet in our family room. Actually, we probably should have replaced it some time ago, but I haven't had the energy. I know that it is really not a difficult task, but when I start to think about replacing the carpet, then of course the wallpaper has to go because it came with the house and is not really my taste, anyway. And if the wallpaper goes, I will have to pick a paint color. And if we repaint, then it goes without saying that we will have to replace our furniture that we bought over a decade ago.

Now, aside from becoming a very expensive and time consuming proposition, I also have David to consider. It would be fair to say that he is somewhat hard on furnishings. For example, he is extremely fond of the music that they play at the close of the national news and if you are not on your guard when it starts to play, he will climb onto the coffee table to do a tap dance. Scratch glass top table off the list.

HGTV has a myriad of shows on the air, offering decorating ideas for all types of people on any size budget, but I have yet to see one offered to appeal to my style of decorating, which might most accurately be called autistic eclectic. For our purposes, it is a fairly minimalist style with fewer projectiles, I mean accessories. It would encompass more hand-me-downs than heirlooms and have a color palette that leans away from Gettysburg Grey and more toward Five Year Old Fingerprint. (What color is that, anyway?)

So, I will eventually pick new carpet and instead of being armed with my swatches for color matching purposes like most normal—whoops sorry, "typically developing" people, I will be looking for a nice shade of Cherrios (original flavor) to camouflage the cereal that is somehow always dribbled across the floor within seconds of vacuuming.


  1. Yeah, I don't think I'll be redecorating for another few (read: 20) years. "Autistic eclectic"...I love it...that describes our house as well. Meaning that we can't buy anything if it would break our heart to see it completely trashed within the week. I want to get rid of our couch sooooo's so grossing me out. But everytime there's a new stain, I think how much I don't care vs. if it were brand new.

  2. I recommend a color pallett centered on "Army barracks room green". (Think pea soup) A delightfully dull color that will complement any stain.

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