Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In Praise of Pepperoni

I was late for work this morning.

I was late for work this morning, because I was digging in the 18 gallon blue Rubbermaid bin marked "garage sale."

I was digging in the garage sale bin looking for the Pizza Pile-Up game because recently David asked for it, scaled the shelves in the basement looking for it, and then he cried about it last night when he realized it was missing.

The Pizza Pile-Up game was in the garage sale bin because David had not played with it for months, if he ever really did "play" with it and not just carry around the red (favorite color) circle (favorite shape) slices of plastic tomato.

David has a new found fascination with pepperoni, having recently decided that he likes pepperoni pizza—or, to be precise, Godfather's original crust pepperoni pizza.

The allure of the pepperoni was reinforced by the mention of pepperoni pizza on whatever episode of SpongeBob David had in his DVD player last night.

SpongeBob's reference to pepperoni pizza apparently made David long for the plastic pepperonis (or is it pepperonii) from the Pizza Pile-Up game, which was granted an early morning pardon from the garage sale bin and David and the Pizza Pile-Up game have been reunited.

So, what is the moral of the story?

Sometimes, Mom grasps ahold of a milestone too quickly. It became clear last night.

The picky boy's penchant for pepperoni pizza positively does not pertain to Pizza Hut personal pan pepperoni.


  1. Oh David. You crack me up. Red and Circles. Well, what can we say. Of course it was a fav! So glad they were reunited and, well, you've earned your late morning! Good to know that Godfather's is a better choice. Hey! I wonder if he would like one of those packages of pepperoni slices from Hy-Vee? (Oh, sorry I mentioned it....where would THOSE turn up six months later?!?) So glad to see your posts again!

  2. David has always loved his red circles. And I share his same fondess for the pepperoni pizza game. I think it may be a keeper...

  3. So glad you've started blogging again! You've been sorely missed. Can't wait to hear more about what David's been up to.

  4. Where is Peter Piper in this persiflage? Why is there no place for pickled peppers?
    (And "pepperoni" seems to be a plural, perhaps favored because never eaten singly; the singular, properly "peperone," means in effect a chili.)