Monday, June 18, 2012

This Has Been a Test of the Emergency Broadcast System

My family firmly believes that I am a happier person when I am writing and they are probably right. There, I said it. My 15 year-old nephew, Thomas, was one of the family members who would give me gentle encouragement in ways that only a six foot some-odd inch basketball player can subtly muster, which one night included a bluntly put if completely unsolicited, "Do you know what I think you should start doing again? BLOGGING."

This comment almost gave my niece apoplexy, until she realized that Thomas had not just told me that I needed to start JOGGING, and was not, in fact, commenting on my sorry physical shape, but rather growing weary of never seeing his name and/or image grace the pages of my blog.

Consequently, I have been reminded that I like to write, perhaps I even need to write, hence my recent predilection for prose, which may most accurately be described as my WAAAAAH, WAAAAAH, WAAAAAH period. Again, insert the wisdom of a 15 year-old, who instead of congratulating me on my triumphant return, asked the following question.

Isn't your blog called OUR butterfly moments and not MY butterfly moments? Enough about you. What about David?

And my response to this verbal sparring?


So, we now return you to our regularly scheduled programming....

Stay tuned tomorrow for more of David's madcap misadventures and an account from my hairdresser that the “shiners" (her polite term for gray hair) have recently been multiplying exponentially at my temples.


  1. Thanks Thomas and glad your back Kathy!!! I have missed your writings.

  2. Blogging, much like journaling is a type of "therapy". And you thought you were not a "therapy-type-person"!