Friday, June 29, 2012

Lingering Questions

I always have lingering, unanswered questions about David’s day.

Who is he sitting next to in the classroom?

Has he been buying milk at lunch during summer school?  Because although I have not counted the change in his lunch bag, it does not appear that the stash of loose change is diminishing.

Often, my questions involve the papers that I find stuffed at the bottom of the SpongeBob backpack.

Like this one.

I think David might have missed the point of this assignment.

Often, there are pieces of artwork that are unrecognizable to me, or that I may not understand the significance.

Any guesses?  Captain America?  Does he even know about Captain America?

And yesterday, he brought home this paper.  This time the image certainly recognizable and very appropriate as the theme of summer school this year is Camp Cub Space Adventure.

My question, however, is this.

Did the teacher tell David to line up all the planets?

Seriously, was he supposed to put all the planets in a line?  Or, is he predicting some sort of cosmic convergence? 

1 comment:

  1. Number two is Russell Speeder!
    Note that he seems to have the planets in the proper order in number three. I want to see if he can name them.