Friday, November 11, 2011

A Salute to Veterans

Earlier today, David participated with his classmates in a Veteran’s Day program at a local grocery store.  According to an eye witness account, namely Granny because I was at work, he did really well.  He sat on the floor, as instructed, and waited patiently for almost 20 minutes until it was time for his class to perform.

Patiently.   He waited patiently.  At a grocery store.  Under the florescent lights.

He waited along with scores of veterans lured by a free breakfast.  He waited through the screeching--I mean soothing sounds of the elementary school strings students.  Will wonders never cease?

Anyway, David held his American flag.  He did the motions to the song, but refused to sing the words.  Maybe “refused” is not the correct term.  I think that it is difficult for David to sing a song because the words come too quickly for him.   Consequently, he will not even attempt a song if he does not like it.  Even when it is one of his favorites, he will sing along but if the words come in quick succession, David will begin to improvise.  As a result, David’s rendition of Jingle Bells may sound something like this:
            Tree, tree, tree.
            Tree, tree, tree.
            Tree, tree, tree, tree, tree.

Catchy, isn’t it?

So, in honor of my father, my father-in-law, both of my Grandfathers—all of whom served in times of war—and all veterans from any branch of the service, I say a heartfelt thank you.

And David leaves you with this musical tribute to the tune of the national anthem:
            Flag, flag, flag, flag, flag, flag...

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  1. Oh how he's much older and such a mature face. Love love love love love love.....