Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I am back at long last after my amazing adventure walking across the county to raise autism awareness because—just in case you do not own a TV, or read a newspaper or newsmagazine, or perhaps you live in a cave--April is autism awareness month.

Truth be told, I wish I had been doing something so selfless and, well cardiovascular, but in reality I have been a slug, lounging on a beach chair, soaking in the sun and enjoying some (I would like to think well-deserved) relaxation during my once in a lifetime two week cruise to Hawaii and Tahiti.

Did you buy it? I can only pretend to be bronzed and well rested because I have been doing nothing. Well, I have been doing laundry, and working, and hauling kids to school and other activities, and cooking and cleaning and all of the usual stuff. I have been going about my normal routine, I just have not been writing.

For some reason, I have not felt like writing and if it were not for the gentle encouragement of family and friends, I am not sure I would be sitting and writing this post. That, combined with the fact that I actually reserved a spot for a Writer's Workshop in June, so I guess I need to be writing something other than my grocery list until that time. What about the assigned homework—write 300 words a day—caused me to develop writer's constipation?

David has been engaged in his usual antics, finding new ways to make me laugh—and sometimes cry, but I just have not really wanted to preserve these moments for posterity. What's up with that?

Perhaps, it is the late onset of Spring, which invalidated my often repeated mantra, "There are always leaves on the trees by my birthday." Perhaps, it is because my job seems to have absorbed too much of my mental energy. Perhaps, I need medication—wait, did I say that out loud?

Really, I just need some sunshine and someone to pick up my house and I will be good. A massage probably wouldn't hurt either. So, I have taken my mental Miralax and you will be hearing more from me, I promise.


  1. You were missed. So glad you were "just" carrying on with day to day....

  2. If by 'medication' you mean 'wine and chocolate' then yes, that's definitely the way to go.

  3. Have you any thoughts on McNeil's autism series on PBS? http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/health/jan-june11/autism2preval_04-19.html