Thursday, April 21, 2011

Self Portrait

The lovely bbsmum at mum accepting autism tagged me in a meme ages ago, before my self-imposed exile. The assignment: Ask your child to draw a picture of you and post the picture. Link to the "This is Me" linky. Tag some others.

Sounds simple, right? Just have David draw a picture of me—except David seems to believe that he is allergic to any type of writing implement. He usually does make an attempt at school, but has absolutely no patience when I try to get him to write or draw anything for me at home. He also tries to keep life interesting, sometimes writing words with the letters out of order, or entirely backwards just to get a reaction from me.

So, in an effort to bribe encourage David, I purchased a set of 24 brand new Crayola Mini Twistables Crayons with no less than three crayons in varying shades of red. What in life is more exciting than new school supplies? Let's see, for David the answer to that semi-rhetorical question would be brightly colored Styrofoam Easter eggs, which he has been stealing one at a time from my sister's outdoor spring decorations. Or maybe the new flagpole that we purchased to hang on our soon to be replaced deck that has been paraded around the house for a week. Or any number of other items not intended to have appeal for a six-year-old boy, but that David adopts as make-shift toys.

In the midst of my half-hearted, but almost daily attempts to have David draw my likeness, he came home from school with this self-portrait. 

Compared to the scribbles that I see most of the time, I would consider this drawing a masterpiece. I sometimes wonder if they have confused David's work with someone else's, but all the hallmarks are there, including the attempt at a red shirt. And the noses—oh, so many noses. Or are those extra mouths? Or maybe nostrils?

Quite appropriately, there are even butterflies emerging from David's head. Maybe, he was simply dreaming of butterfly moments of his own.

I'm tagging:
MOM - Not Otherwise Specified
The A-Word
Mommy to Two Boys

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  1. Oh I'm so happy you tagged me in this meme- I saw it floating around and secretly wanted it- it's so different from most memes that require you to tell things about yourself :)

    I love David's artwork!! I know that feeling of thinking they mix things up- usually I saw "Well I think Ms. Pam (Brian's one-on-one) may have done more than 50% of this one" lol