Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Wipeout Zone

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David doesn't really like to watch TV because he doesn't like to see a show for the first time. Sometimes you have to sit down and watch a movie with him the first few times before he feels comfortable watching it by himself. From David's perspective, how much fun can it be to watch something on television without having the dialog memorized, or knowing what is going to happen? What is the excitement in that? There are currently two exceptions to the multiple viewing rule. The first is "Wheel of Fortune" which he watches almost every night while testing his own luck against the wheel on his iPad version of the game.

The second show is "Winter Wipeout." Since it comes on immediately after Pat and Vanna and David keeps track of when the wheel is going to start spinning (reminiscent of Rainman and "12 minutes to Wapner"), there is no denying David his fix of thrills and spills. And when you think about it, he isn't really breaking his new show rule as these two shows are essentially the same every time, which would explain David's fascination.

David was watching another obnoxious cast of characters enter the "wipeout zone" last Thursday night when I noticed that he was jumping on the sofa, which is odd because we happen to have a trampoline as a regular fixture in our family room for that very purpose. And went I went to investigate, I discovered that David had rolled the trampoline down the basement stairs, essentially replicating the sweeper arm from the show. My own family room had become a wipeout zone.

So, I will batten down the hatches on Thursday nights until the seasons change and "Winter Wipeout" comes to a close. I am pleased to see that there is no spring season of this show, and I hope that David will have forgotten about by the time the summer season premieres…not likely, though.
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  1. OH this is all so familiar. The not liking watching shows for the first time...she doesn't get that all of the ones that she's obsessed with now were at some point watched for the first time. And Wipeout...oh yes. What is with the love of watching people getting the crap beat out of them?