Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sight Words

David and Andrew did not have school today. A teacher workday, combined with the Presidents' Day holiday made for a long weekend—a really long weekend. I did take the opportunity to try to work with David, so I pulled out some of the school supplies that he has not seen for a while including a small cookie sheet and magnetic letters. I thought we would work on sight words.

David was not really interested in reading the words that I spelled for him. Imagine that, David did not want to cooperate with me. He seemed more interested in searching for the letters himself. He would name a letter and I would help him dig through the box to find it. The first letter was "P" and I smiled. I knew what David was going to spell. He has started swimming lessons again and had another lesson yesterday. He is always so motivated to go to swimming that we have him perform several tasks in preparation, things that he usually does not like to do. He put on his own socks, picked up a few of his toys, folded a load of laundry (okay, maybe that one is a fantasy) and signed out by writing the word "pool" before he could get into the car. Of course he was looking for the letters P-O-O-L.

I have said it before and I will say it again. Life with David is rarely predictable. Here is what he spelled for me today.

Can you tell who received a copy of "Toy Story 3" from his aunt for Valentine's Day? He even made the "I" go hopping away like it does during the opening of the movie. Do you suppose "Pixar" appears anywhere on the list of top sight words for a Kindergartener?


  1. Hahaha! You either have a future animator on your hands, or he wants to watch a DVD!

  2. It may not appear on a conventional list, but it's a useful word to know!