Friday, November 5, 2010

Bubbles in the Bathtub

For a long time, David was almost completely non-verbal, functionally mute, or whatever other terrible term you might want to use. During that time, I ached to hear his voice. I wondered what it sounded like.

I try to take every opportunity to promote language and to prompt a response and thankfully, his language has begun to develop. For years, I have driven around town, pushed the grocery cart, walked to the park talking—seemingly to myself, trying to encourage David to talk. I am sure that, on some occasions, David has grown tired of hearing me chatter on endlessly because I know I have. And my family has shown great patience as I sometimes forget to turn my babble button off as in "Would you like more potatoes, Michael…yes or no?"

Recently, David has begun to utter multiple word phrases, without prompting, totally spontaneously. A few nights ago, while David was in the bathtub, I saw the bubbles rise to the surface. David looked directly at me, smiled and without any kind of prompting from me said, "I passed yatz. Scuse me." Has any mother ever heard sweeter words?


  1. Oh my goodness, that is the cutest, sweetest, and funniest thing I've ever heard :)

    Way to go David!

  2. HA! So cute. Instead of talking you should have been farting all that time!

  3. awww! =) I love it! I just read your "about me" that too. These words "“This is a marathon, not a sprint.” made me tear up. wow. So true. Thanks for your encouraging words on my blog a little while back.