Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Halloween Parade

This was my very first glimpse of David in his Halloween costume.
Oh wait—this is not David, but my nephew who is slightly bigger and eight years older than David showing him that costumes really aren't so bad. On second thought, maybe David was somewhat traumatized by the sausage casing look. I need to give Thomas a great deal of credit, though, because extracating himself from the costume without ripping it was nothing short of a Houdini move.

So, this was my first glimpse of David at the Halloween parade and, as you can tell, he already doesn't look too thrilled. Please note the red shirt peeking out from under SpongeBob because, as you know, we cannot be without our favorite color. His left arm has begun to creep back into the costume to allow for a quick escape from SpongeBob's clutches if given the opportunity.

The parade begins and he's walking, although it is difficult to get a good picture when he is hiding from the camera like a criminal on his way to the pokey.

He's still walking...and still hiding.

And he's made his escape. There it is, Ladies and Gentlemen, he spied his family cheering in the crowd, decided that we had seen enough and he'd had enough. Now there is some strut in that step.

Let's see, I spent $12 for the costume, which averages to about fifty cents a second of wear time. I think that sets a new record for David.


  1. 50 cents per second? What a great deal :)

  2. HA! Awesome. Audrey always does that hand underneath move too...I think it serves the dual purpose of keeping it away from her skin and allowing for the quick escape.