Saturday, July 31, 2010

Snaggletooth Smile

David has lost his first tooth. There was no fanfare, no day filled with wiggling, no agonizing over how to get it to come out, and no trips back and forth to the mirror. Andrew just happened to notice at bedtime a few nights ago that it was gone. We do not even know what happened to the tooth. It really could be anywhere. I assume he probably swallowed it, but it could be stuck in the pizza crust of any of the four different slices of Godfather's original crust, hamburger pizza that David tasted because much like Goldilocks, we had a very difficult time finding the piece that was "just right."

We have passed another milestone. Truthfully, I have spent a great deal of time thinking about these milestones, and even more time pushing David over the next hurdle. It makes me smile to think that we have met a developmental milestone ahead of schedule. It probably would not have been the one I would have chosen, but I will take it. Plus David's snaggletooth smile makes me grin every time.

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  1. My Brian has now lost five and every single one has been much like you described here! This might sound weird, but it was kind of warming to know this kind of stuff happens to other families too!