Thursday, July 29, 2010

Go Cubs

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It always sounds like a good idea—a family vacation. Somehow, with a three month break from school comes the obligatory feeling that we need to get away, to take the boys somewhere exciting. Last year, we ventured a whopping nine miles to spend a couple of nights at a hotel in a newly redeveloped part of Omaha and David had a pretty difficult time with that.

For some reason, it took us a long time to decide what to do about a family vacation this year. I kept using the excuse that David and Andrew had kept us busy with swimming lessons, therapy sessions, summer school and golf, but I think the real reason was that I was dreading it.

Andrew had a laundry list of places he really wanted to visit and we picked the closest—Chicago. We had taken him to Chicago before, but this time he had his sights set on seeing Wrigley Field and attending a Cubs game. Andrew always seems to be a champion of the underdog, which frankly is a trait that we like to nurture as David's older brother. He has been a fan of the Cubs for as long as he can remember.

I am not sure how Andrew's fascination with the Chicago Cubs started, but I know that it was fostered in part by the fact that my sister has a friend with a son a few years older than Andrew who has kindly passed clothes down to us. And included in the numerous sacks of clothes that we have received over the years was Cubs gear in all shapes and sizes.

I am extremely thankful for all of the clothes that we have received, especially since we also have David who will have a chance to wear them as well, but I must admit in planning our vacation, I did wonder, "Why couldn't they have been fans of the Kansas City Royals?" Kansas City, of course, would be a much more manageable distance from Omaha.

So, we bought tickets for Michael and Andrew to attend a last Saturday's game, and off we went. Overall, the vacation went pretty smoothly and miraculously the Cubs beat the rival St. Louis Cardinals 6 to 5. Hooray for the underdog. Go Cubs!

Go David!
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  1. Hope you enjoyed our fair city! Although I'm a White Sox fan...but it sounds like if you had gotten White Sox hand-me-downs that you would be too!

  2. I'm glad you decided to take a vacation. I'm sure that there were moments you doubted your decision and others that made you glad. It is important that you, Michael and the boys do things as a family. I hope that the next trip will be easier for you!

    Go Kathy!

  3. This post cracked me up. Mostly because I had wondered over the years if maybe you were white sox or cardnials fans and threw those nasty Cubs clothes out.
    Glad the vacation turned out. We've been to Wrigley too and it's an experience worth the effort.