Friday, November 2, 2012

Sympathetic Words

Just about the time that I begin to think I have one too many things on my plate, I do something really talented like fling myself out my front door and onto the concrete of the porch.

I am not even sure how it happened, but I was carrying a window screen that was dusty and needed to be cleaned.  The boys were playing basketball on the driveway, so I must have looked up at precisely the wrong time.
I do remember thinking SHE’S GOING DOWN and, just before I hit the concrete, I managed to do a quick scan to see how many neighbors were about to witness the spectacle. (Please do not even ask why I think of myself in the third person when I am about to do something really embarrassing, but I do.)
I landed right in the middle of the potted mum plants, and Andrew and David came running.
I tried to quickly survey the situation--a burnish on my right palm, a skinned knee, and a big goose egg had already formed on the outside of my twisted left ankle.
The boys came running and I started to cry when I realized that I wasn’t sure if I could get up without help.
Andrew said, “I’ll go get Dad.”
And David, after a moment of hesitation, announced “I go get a tissue.”
Have you ever heard such beautiful words?  I appreciate that Andrew ran quickly to get help, correctly surmising that Michael would be the best suited to hoist me up off of the front porch.
But, today I am thankful that David can be sympathetic when I am hurt.  He pays attention to how I am feeling and tries to help, in his own way.  Not all kids with autism can do that.
I will be fine.  The doctor said nothing is broken.
And then called back to say maybe something is just a little bit broken.
But it will heal with time.
I am sorry to report that the mums, however, did not survive the ordeal.


  1. What sensible sons you have! One runs for help while the other helps your heart. The very best of all worlds. But I'm so sorry! I had to smile - I would do the same thing - quick scan of the street for witnesses. Whew! Safe! Take care of yourself. Do not push it too much - just enjoy your plans!! Hugs.

  2. I'm so sorry you fell (this sort of thing happens to me often), but I love love loved this post. What wonderful boys you have :-).