Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Butterfly Moment

A few minutes ago, I watched as David stretched up onto his tiptoes and took a big slurpy drink straight from the faucet at the kitchen sink, a scene that is repeated countless times across the country on a hot, late summer day.

It was a first for David, a milestone--like so many others--that does not appear on the pediatrician's checklist. One that I did not even realize we had missed.

Until one day, from the corner of my eye, I notice. Hey, David just opened the package by himself. Or, asked how I was feeling. Or, took a drink straight from the tap.

All minuscule milestones to remind me that progress often comes in small packages.


  1. Baby steps, one at a time. Sometimes we DO have to look back to be able to celebrate progress. These snapshots in your mind will carry you! Hurrah for David! Twinkly blue eyes taking it all in - and finally finding a way to let some of it come out. It is such a blessing to see how you celebrate his milestones! Truly smelling those roses.

  2. Go David! I think we have to celebrate the quirky milestones. We do not get a lot of peditrician-approved ones. I count Boo's throwing her shoe into the lit fire pit as a throwing milestone.

  3. yay david! hooray for new milestones being met! my son had one recently too: he got up and danced next to a mascot at a festival recently!