Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Making of an Olympian

We have Olympics fever at our house.  Well, not really.  While I have enjoyed watching some of the events, I actually am more entertained by watching David as he watches the events.

I assumed that David would enjoy the swimming coverage, but I have been surprised by some of the other sports that have taken his fancy like water polo, for instance.  I guess I should not be too surprised because there is a fair amount of swimming, combined with a countdown clock—one of David's absolutely favorite things.

The sport that David has found the most fascinating, however, is a sport that I didn't even know existed, synchronized diving.

And, joining countless children around the world who are watching the coverage, apparently David is dreaming of someday making his own Olympic ambitions come true.

I'll admit it is somewhat hard on the furniture, but I still give this dive a 10.


  1. I too am fascinated by synchronized diving -- particularly the communication aspect of it. I love listening for the verbal cues they use and how they translate in different languages...

  2. Thankfully he didn't go head first!!! He's got style!

  3. A definite 10 for style :)

    I am personally amazed at the synch diving. I cannot even get of a diving board gracefully but these athletes can do it in tandem. Simply amazing.