Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Christmas Convoy

David still has a Christmas tree in his room--not full size, just a little three foot, multi colored pre-lit one, free of decorations.

I did try to take it down in January, but David protested.  He uses it each night like an oversized night light.  I guess with David we tend to follow the maxim, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and please-please-please don’t let it break now because I am not sure where I would find a replacement in the middle of July.

Lately, David’s thoughts have wandered toward Christmas, as they seem to each July.  Fortunately, he has not yet gone hunting for the well-worn copy of Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas, but rather opted for his favorite Hallmark felt advent calendar in the shape of a Christmas tree.

And then just a few days ago, I heard him knocking around in our basement storage room, generally not a place that we encourage him to explore independently.  By the time I went to investigate, he had already found the “guys,” a set of Fisher Price holiday figurines.  I wrote about his fascination with these characters here and for those of you who have not already read it, go right ahead, I will wait.

You’re back?  Okay, good.  David retrieved the entire basket of figurines and once again began the sorting process. Just like last year, he kept Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the wise men and an angel.  Oh, and a Christmas tree for good measure.

But, Santa Claus?  Nope.  Two elves?  Nope.  The snowman and a reindeer?  Nope and nope.  Santa Claus?  Wait, there are two Santas?  There must be a figurine for the “real” Santa and one for the fill-in “department store” Santa.  David tossed them all aside, chucked in dramatic fashion over his shoulder into a discard pile.

The figures that made the cut were all carted up to David’s bedroom.  I waited as he searched the toy box, but this time instead of cramming them haphazardly into a single, yellow school bus, they must have decided to splurge and charter two identical buses so that they could all ride home in comfort.

These new and improved vehicles came equipped with the reverse noise; you know the “beep beep beep” warning sound that some trucks make when in reverse?  And, according to David’s reenactment of the action, this Christ caravan did a great deal of backing up.

They must have been lost because, as you probably know, they took a different route home.  Plus, the way David had the cast of characters divided, Mary and the angel were in the second bus while the first bus held all men.

I guess no one was willing to stop and ask for directions.

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  1. Oh Kathy, I love this. Of course they didn't ask for directions, MARY was in the back bus! Oh well, we will assume that by Christmas, they will make it to the point where they learn there is no room at the inn. (Mary was not allowed to call ahead for reservations....)

    Do you think that this year you may want to buy a new three foot tree on sale after Christmas? I'm nervouse about it lasting much longer.....

    Hugs, M2