Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Fan is Born

I mentioned earlier that we had some relatives from Boston visiting over the weekend. Apparently, they must be in the group of approximately ten avid readers that I have, because when they arrived they presented David with a shirt--not just any shirt, but a red Boston Red Sox shirt, having read about how David, if given the choice and most of the time even when not given the choice, wears a red shirt.

I have written several times about our summer trip to Chicago to see a Cubs game and how Andrew became a Cubs fan in part because of the Cubs gear that we were given by a friend. Now, David has his first Red Sox shirt and I cannot but wonder if a fan has been born. It would make sense that David will have to cheer for teams that have red as one of their colors so that he is able to wear the apparel. We live in Nebraska, so for college football the Nebraska Cornhuskers are the obvious choice. Because we lack professional sports teams in Omaha, many people in our area root for the Kansas City Chiefs, who have red jerseys—check. And now for baseball, we have the Boston Red Sox.

So, when David is 10 years old and we take him on a pilgrimage to see his team, the Boston Red Sox, in their home stadium at least we will have a place to stay.


  1. I approve. The BoSox are far superior to the Cubs. At least he's in the league (American baby!) now...

    Dang he's cute.

  2. I cannot think of a better reason to root for a team than the color of their gear. Good for him. Just consider yourself lucky his favorite color wasn't pink.