Thursday, April 15, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

Andrew turned 10 years old on Monday and my birthday was on Tuesday, so we have been working with David to say "Happy Birthday." He can say it, but refuses to say it on command. He did spontaneously wish both Andrew and me a "Happy Birthday" once on each of our birthdays. My birthday wishes came just as the last candle had been lit on my chocolate cake, which had been decorated with primary colored polka dots. I thought at the time what a great birthday gift that really was. Little does David know how many of my wishes are for him and his progress--not just the wish before I blow out my candles, but my wish and my prayer for him every day. David was so proud of himself for saying it, and it really sounded more like "Happy Irthday," which in my own mind I morphed into "Happy Earth Day" and I chuckled as I thought of my politically correct little boy.

Today, I had my annual physical and I was worried that my borderline high blood pressure may have jumped the border, requiring medication. Much to my surprise, however, it was a good but not great 130 over 80. I picked David up and took him home to get him ready for school. I had not had time to eat anything and was really hungry because I had been fasting for my blood test. I scanned the refrigerator looking for something to eat quickly until I had time for lunch after I dropped David off at school. I saw my leftover birthday cake and I did something I never do, stood at the counter with a fork eating cake right out of the box. I thought to myself, who will know? No one in my family even likes cake. David rounded the corner from the family room, looked at the cake and smiled at me. "Happy Irthday," he said proudly.

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